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Ann Blush

Ann has been married to the love of her life, Jim, for over 31 years.  They met when she was taking a prisoner to court of whom Jim was the arresting officer. Ann and Jim have two children.  Rob, a project manager for ClearSpan, lives in Iowa with their daughter-in-law, Lori and two granddaughters, Addison (Addyrose) and Brianna (Breezy).  Jamie works for JBS Swift and is married to Daniel and share a son, Austin.  Both have their degrees from UNC in Communication.

Ann's career has brought her a house full of gifts and prizes, including 7 Mary Kay cars.  She loves driving a new car every two years!


Mary Kay Beauty Consultant Ann Blush

Ann's Mission:

To help other women become all God created them to be using a Mary Kay career as the vehicle... and to help women become as beautiful as they truly can be, inside and out.

Mary Kay Beauty Consultant Ann Blush
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